The harvest is the most beautiful moment of the year, and the occasion in which we honor the Earth and to the whole company hard work needed for processing the vineyards.


All years when the summer ends and fall begins, our company dedicates day and night to the harvest of the best grapes to prepare them for squeezing process. From dawn to dusk our teams are in the vineyards to share together the atmosphere of “party” in which the perfume of the grapes and of the must leave indelible memories.

The harvest is a real ritual that begins with the harvest of the grapes at the right degree of phenolic ripening that starts the process to vinification, which will turn must into wine. This is a very delicate phasee: to maintain the integrity of the quality of the must, we put in grapes in containers not too capacious to avoid crushing and we bring them in short time in a local in which will be carried out vinification to avoid undesired fermentation.

Our methods of harvesting grapes are two: manual and mechanical.
The hand picked and hand-held from operators, while is performed through mechanical grape harvesting machines. With the latest news in technology this method has become a quick and efficient process with a qualitative level comparable to that achieved by manual harvesting.

The harvest is a party. It brings to an end the tiring weeks of work and it point to the dawn of new toasts.


La nostra vendemmia